Rachael Day

Crack down on crime

Jun 14, 2016Sean Russell

Candidate Snapshot

Party: Hinch
State: WA

Perth mother of three, Rachael Day is one of the two Western Australian Senate candidates for the Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party (DHJP) in the July 2016 election.

In 2014, she experienced an extreme domestic violence attack by her then partner, an attack which almost killed her.

According to the DHJP website, Day explained: "I lay in my hospital bed with a life-threatening injury on my brain, as well as many other injuries and yet I still had such determination to help the people in my community. I saw my future and my vision right there. One month after the assault I went back to study to start my journey. " 

Her attacker was brought before the courts for the assault charges but he was ultimately granted bail. However, he later broke his bail conditions and received little to no consequences from the court system.

Day has not disclosed the sentence her ex-partner received, but she does say that the punishment was "a minimal sentence for the horrific assault and [he] was eligible to apply for parole."

It is her personal experience of domestic violence and the court system that led Day to stand as a candidate for DJHP.

The party is running a campaign based on justice in sentencing, bail and parole reform, domestic violence law reform and a public register for sex offenders.   

The party’s website contains little detail of how the party will change these laws, which are mostly state laws, from the federal parliament. Instead it relies heavily on recent high publicity incidents such as the death of Rosie Batty’s son, the Lindt Café siege and the rape and murder of Jill Meagher to obtain public support and sympathy.

Day says on the site: "As a domestic violence victim, I feel strongly about domestic violence reform."

Following the assault Day decided to study community service. It is her work as a disability support worker and Reiki practitioner that has led her to meet many people with a history of domestic or sexual violence.  She states: "I am also a Reiki practitioner and I became astounded at the amount of sexual abuse cases in our communities. Almost every person that walked through my door had been sexually abused at some point in their life. The impact that such an act has on these victims is horrendous."

Day is quoted as supporting the DHJP's stance on justice saying: "I believe in no bail, no parole, for these horrific offences, whether it be domestic violence, sexual assault or any violent act at all. 

“These offenders are dangerous and should not be out on the streets in our communities. The people of our communities need protection from these dangerous offenders. I believe that these offenders should serve the full sentence handed down and then be monitored upon release.”

Day also strongly backs a public register of convicted sex offenders and the right to choose Euthanasia.

Day has no public social media presence, but the Derryn Hinch’s Justice Partyhas a Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter.

Day declined to be interviewed for UniPollWatch.


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