Following the retirement of Labor’s member for Brand, Gary Gray, voters are going to the polls to decide who will fill the void.

Brand voters have always been loyal to the ALP, which has held the seat since 1996, and their new candidate Madeleine King said she was hoping this trend would continue.

“I want to be the representative for this community," she told UniPollWatch. "It has been a good campaign and a long campaign, and it is great to be campaigning in my home town and be back at my old high school is just wild.

“To be able to vote here and vote for Labor values and our plan for the future of this country in the school I learnt most at is a real privilege.”

However Ms King has to face off against her main rival: Liberal’s Craig Buchanan.

Mr Buchanan told UniPollWatch he loves Election Day because of the vibrancy, and the chance to meet the people who aims to represent.

“Obviously [the seat] has never fallen to us yet, since this seat was founded, but each time we are getting closer and closer, there is a big demographic change in places like Baldivis and Wellard.”

The Liberals' strong campaign for jobs and growth has the capacity to sway the minds of Brand voters, considering Brand had an unemployment rate of 9.4% in 2014, one of the highest in Australia.

Voters showed signs of political weariness as they headed into the booths after a long campaign.

Geoff Stuart – a Greens member driving around in his bright green van - said people were disenchanted with the major political parties.

“I think people are fed up with the Liberal-Labor dictatorship in Australia, where you vote and nothing really changes, apart from swapping politicians around.

Lawrence Ontiveros, an early morning voter, said he was sick of hearing false policies.

“Every election they make promises they know they can’t keep. They say it to hear themselves talk.

“Things will change because people are tired of being run by a government in this way.”

Kwinana resident, Trevor Dowsett said he was “tired of it all” after a long winded campaign.

“Liberal just can’t be trusted, it is like the GST, they said they weren’t going to bring that in. Then the Medicare is a concern with all the elderly who can afford to do much.”