Voters were relaxed despite the long wait to vote in the regional electorate of Whitlam.

There was also a general consensus that the result could go either way.

“The mood has been good, everyone is calm and relaxed and civilised. I don’t think people have any clue what the result will be, it’s very up in the air,” said Nationals campaigner Maryke Archbold-Hession.

“I don’t think anyone can determine which way it’s going to go.”

Ms Archbold-Hession says she has supported the Nationals for 15 years because she believes they are looking after regional interests, including small businesses and concern about youth unemployment and suicide rates.

“There is a large Labor majority here but we’re saying if we can make a change, we’re just trying to make a difference as much as we possibly can.”

The level of ambivalence didn’t extend to the democracy sausage, however.“I think people are happy to line up and just get [voting] out of the way, it’s very low drama.”

Simon Novak had been manning the barbeque since before the polls opened, and said he had never seen such a long line for people waiting to vote.

“I’ve been doing this for eight years, I’ve seen three federal elections and two state and I’ve never seen it this big this early.”