The 2016 election results were terrible for the Liberals in Tasmania

The so-called “three amigos”, who won the seats of Bass, Braddon and Lyons in the 2013 election, all look likely to lose, meaning the Liberals will no longer hold a seat in Tasmania.

In Bass, Labor’s Ross Hart received a 6.7% swing to unseat the Liberal’s Andrew Nikolic. After preferences Hart will command around 56% of the two-party preferred vote. 

In Braddon, Labor’s Justine Keay had a pro-Labor swing of 3.1%, which was enough to end Brett Whiteley’s political career.

And in Lyons, Labor’s Brian Mitchell gained a swing of 2.4%, which looks likely to dislodge sitting member Eric Hutchinson.

Prominent Tasmanian senator, Eric Abetz, blamed the Government’s plans for superannuation for the mess.

Meanwhile, independent Andrew Wilkie easily retained his Hobart-based seat of Denison after receiving a swing to him of 6.4%.

And sitting Labor MP for the southern Tasmanian seat of Franklin, Julie Collins was returned with a positive swing of 7.6%.

In the senate race, Jacqui Lambie will be returned, along with a Green and four from both Labor and the Coalition. There are two senate places still up for grabs.