Update: Friday July 8, 6pm

The LNP has almost taken the lead in Flynn and made more gains in Herbert and Capricornia to push the Coalition closer towards a majority.

Ken O’Dowd (LNP) moved to seven votes behind Zac Beers (ALP) in the Central Queensland seat of Flynn as he benefited again from strong postal vote support.

In Herbert, Ewen Jones (LNP) has closed his deficit to 348 while Michelle Landry (LNP) is also improving in Capricornia, with her only 175 behind.

This follows Bert van Manen's (LNP) lead in Forde, which sits at 470.

If these four seats are retained by the LNP, Labor’s only gain in Queensland will be Wyatt Roy’s Longman.

Update: Thursday July 7, 6pm

The Coalition’s hopes of winning the election have been boosted by a surge of postal votes towards the LNP in five key Queensland seats.

The Australian Electoral Commission Tally Room has the LNP on 19 seats, down from 22 in the previous term, with Labor currently on 10, and Bob Katter holding Kennedy. 

Bert van Manen (LNP) has turned a deficit into a much more comfortable lead in Forde, with him ahead by 687 votes. 

There has also been a change in Capricornia, with Michelle Landry (LNP) 463 behind. 

In Flynn, Ken O’Dowd (LNP) has moved from more than 2000 votes in arrears to 645. 

Ewen Jones (LNP) has also made gains in Herbert, with him needing to improve by 450 votes to take the lead over Cathy O’Toole (ALP). 

Wyatt Roy’s chances of holding Longman appear out of reach, with Susan Lamb (ALP) maintaining her comfortable advantage over the Assistant Innovation Minister. 

Update: Tuesday 7pm: Little has changed in the five seats Labor is chasing in Queensland as postal votes are counted.

The lead of Des Hardman has narrowed, with him holding a 125-vote advantage over the incumbent Bert van Manen (LNP).

Susan Lamb is 2013 votes in front in Longman over Wyatt Roy, the Assistant Minister for Innovation, and Zac Beers has a similar buffer over the LNP’s Ken O’Dowd.

The Labor candidates in Capricornia and Herbert both lead their opponents by more than 900 votes.

In the Senate the number of quotas is unchanged: four for the LNP, three for Labor and one for One Nation.

Update: 8am, Sunday

Five sitting LNP MPs are behind in Queensland, including Assistant Minister Wyatt Roy, after Saturday night’s count.

The Australian Electoral Commission Tally Room has 18 seats for the LNP, 11 for Labor and Bob Katter winning Kennedy.

Labor leads in Longman (ahead by 1.5%; 67% of the vote counted), Capricornia (0.68%; 76% counted), Flynn (1.79%; 69% counted), Forde (0.13%; 69% counted) and Herbert (0.74%; 75% counted).

In the Senate, the LNP currently has a provisional quota of four on first-preferences, Labor has three, One Nation has one, and the Greens are almost at one.

11pm, Saturday

Assistant Minister Wyatt Roy may be the highest profile LNP member to lose his seat on a night when Queensland’s Labor Party chased some important gains.

At 11pm on Saturday, the ALP held the six seats it started the day with, but finished it hopeful in Capricornia, Forde, Petrie, Herbert and Roy’s Longman electorate.

The LNP suffered a statewide swing of almost 3% on two-party preferred votes.

However, there were still large numbers of pre-poll and postal votes to be counted.

As the Coalition's most marginal seat, Petrie was always destined to be a topic of attention.

Incumbent Luke Howarth (LNP) was challenged by Labor’s Jacqui Pedersen and the battle was tight.

Howarth had been behind but, with 65% of the vote counted, he was leading by 0.86%.

Longman was more of a surprise with the result also too close to call.

Heading into the election Roy was Assistant Minister for Innovation but by the end of the day his future as the federal member was less secure.

He was behind Susan Lamb (ALP), who led by 1.5% with 66% of the vote counted.

The ALP’s Des Hardman was ahead by 0.16% in Forde, where the incumbent is Bert van Manen (LNP), with 64% of the ballots in.

In central and northern Queensland, the seats of Capricornia and Herbert were balancing on a knife edge.

There was a major swing of more than 7% to Labor’s candidate Cathy O’Toole in Herbert against the LNP’s sitting member Ewen Jones, who began the day with a 5.6% margin.

Jobs and growth have proved to swing voters to the Labor party with four visits from Bill Shorten and a promise of $100 million to the Townsville CDB Stadium.

In Capricornia, the result continued to swing between Leisa Neaton (ALP) and Michelle Landry (LNP), who held the seat on a slim margin. With 76% of the vote counted, Landry was ahead by 0.25%.

The LNP won back Leichhardt with Warren Entsch and Dawson with George Christensen. The Katter’s Australian Party leader, Bob Katter, held Kennedy for another term.

The Gold Coast has remained an LNP stronghold and further west the very safe seats of Maranoa and Groom have also been retained, despite swings against them.

Shayne Neumann and Wayne Swan are on track to retain the marginal Labor seats of Blair (Ipswich) and Lilley (including Kedron and Chermside) respectively.

On the Sunshine Coast there were three new LNP members with Ted O’Brien (Fairfax), Llew O’Brien (Wide Bay) and Andrew Wallace (Fisher) elected.

To a roar of applause, Wallace announced to a crowd of 40 people in Kawana that he had won.

“I'm delighted and humbled,” Wallace said, flanked by his wife of 30 years and two daughters.

“Both Ted [O’Brien] and I will work together for the benefit of the Sunshine Coast.

“You've got two relatively young conservative members who will work together to make this the place it deserves to be and we'll no longer be a poor cousin of the Gold Coast.”

Ted O’Brien regained the traditionally conservative seat of Fairfax from Clive Palmer.

The LNP’s Ken O’Dowd has secured a third term in Flynn with 51.48% of the two-party preferred vote (despite a swing against him of 5.05 per cent) after 45.27% of the votes.

The LNP’s Keith Pitt (Hinkler) was also re-elected.

Peter Dutton, the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, was facing competition from Labor’s Linda Lavarch.

First-time candidate Andrew Wallace claims victory in Fisher. Photo by Lloyd Copper