Huge crowds of voters have met prime minister Malcom Turnbull outside Parramatta Town Hall.

The prime minister made an unexpected appearance around lunch-time in support of Liberal candidate Michael Beckwith.

Working the line of over 250 voters stretching from the Town Hall doors right back to Church St, the Mr Turnbull and his wife Lucy took photos with voters.

Mr Beckwith started the morning at Toongabbie Primary School, where more than 100 voters had braved the cold to vote before 8:30.

Many voters seemed reluctant to talk with Beckwith, who spent the morning organising his volunteers and moving corflutes.

When asked about his policies, Beckwith pointed to his strong support of traditional marriage as one of his core beliefs.

“Most voters in Parramatta are against same sex marriage” said Mr Beckwith. “While the media only shows one side, talk one-on-one to the voters and you see a different view.”

Mr Beckwith suggested that if same-sex marriage was put to a plebiscite, most of Parramatta would vote against it.

“I believe there is an obligation to follow the plebiscite,” he added, saying that he would consider voting to change the marriage act if the plebiscite showed public support.

Labor MP Julie Owens suggested that Beckwith’s view of the electorate was an “oversimplification”.

“For some people that is true,” she said. “For others [the priorities] are live export regulation,Medicare and education.”

Owens says the diverse nature of the community, in terms of ethnicity, social values and socio-economic status a meant there was no ‘one-size fits all’ ideas.

“Parramatta is a very flat bell-curve in a lot of ways.”

Volunteers and staffers on both sides claimed their member was the best representative for the people of Parramatta.

“Julie is a fantastic local member” said ALP staffer Alex. “There is a reason she has held this bellwether seat despite not being in government.”

Terry, a Liberal volunteer who grew up with Michael Beckwith, claimed he was volunteering because “I’ve known him for 50 years and he is the most honest man I know”.

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