Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull’s electorate of Wentworth is one of the safest Liberal seats in Sydney and will most likely stay that way but not everyone in Wentworth is happy with Turnbull's performance in the top job so far.
The prime minister cast his vote at Double Bay Primary School earlier this morning, taking selfies with the crowd and generally appearing confident despite being heckled by a climate change supporter in the crowd, who yelled out “This is Double Bay! Where you're standing will be underwater in 80 years, prime minister."
Meanwhile at Bondi Beach Public School, it was business as usual for the Bondi Farmers Markets, with the notable addition of a long line extending about halfway across the school, and metres of the Liberal Party’s‘ Stick to the Plan’ and ‘No More Bills’ posters wrapped around the school gates like ribbons.
Although the traditional sausage sizzle was nowhere in sight, it was definitely the polling place to be for hungry voters with plenty of the usual market stalls selling dishes like pho, quesadillas, gourmet toasties and chai tea.
Mangla 'Mango' Munsami, a local business owner and Indigenous Australian, was one person who is definitely on “Team Turnbull”, handing out “How to vote Liberal” flyers at the school gates. As well as being an avid Turnbull supporter, he also counts the prime minister as a personal friend, having met him as a young boy at North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club in 1977.
Mr. Munsami says that despite all his other commitments, the prime minister somehow finds time to be an active member of their community, describing him as “hyperactive” and a “people person”.
“You have no idea how much time he spends with the community even though he is out there being the prime minister. He’s a people person. People say things, he's rich, famous, this and that, but he worked hard like everybody else. There's opportunity in this country for everyone. You need to get off your butt and work hard.”
Local Greens candidate Dejay Toborek was also campaigning in Bondi, where he says there is a “strong Greens vote”.
“ There's a lot of people letting me know they're voting for the Greens which is a lovely thing to hear on election day!” he said.
“We definitely know people are going to be moving away from Mr. Turnbull.Whether we actually manage to knock him out of the seat..that's another thing altogether! But people want to vote for an alternative because they're disappointed with the direction the prime minister's been going in. A lot of the people down here did think Mr. Turnbull would do a better job than he has on
climate change and refugees.” 

For more information on Wentworth visit the UPW Wentworth page.