It is a brisk early July morning in Casino in northern New South Wales.

An icy chill blows across the CBD streets, which are unusually busy for so early on a Saturday.

The early rising constituents of Page have a task - to vote in the  2016 Election.

The few voters who chose to brave the cold weather are bundled up as they weave their way through party volunteers.

The volunteers wav pamphlets, calling for votes like merchants selling their wares.

Sleepy children cling to their parents and watch the commotion with wonder, many still dressed in  pyjamas.

The Casino Community Centre’s heaters are on full-blast, providing welcome relief for voters, while the representatives remain outside, vigilantly fulfilling their duty.

In Casino’s secondary polling booth at Casino West Public School, the school’s P&C are setting up for the customary Election Day community barbeque.

Casino is a small rural town with a population of 11,000, and is only a small part of the diverse bellwether seat of Page.

In the Page electorate, leadership has always swung between the Nationals and Labor, and this year it will be another close race between Janelle Saffin (Labor) and Kevin Hogan (Nationals).

Labor’s candidate Janelle Saffin is manning Casino’s polling booth and says that she has a "good feeling" about today’s election.

"I feel good because I’ve run a very credible campaign on issues that matter to our community," she says.

"We have offered choices about health, education, renewables and CSG, which is important to [Page]. A clear choice about what comes first, health and education."

Supporting the Coalition in Casino is Senator Fiona Nash, Deputy Leader of the Nationals.

She said that regardless of what happens today, she is proud of what her party has accomplished during their time in power and during this campaign.

"I think Malcolm Turnbull and the team have done a great job in getting the message across Australia that we are here for Australia,"she says, with a smile. 

"We are hopeful that the Australian people will see that we are the best people to lead Australia."

With the weather as cold as it is, and being so early in the morning, the polling booth is quiet but will get much busier as the day wears on and the town wakes up.

And warms up. 

For information on Page and its candidates go to UPW Page