11.12:  As the long election campaign becomes the long election night here is the state of play in Victoria and Tasmania with the partially coloured seats the most likely to change hands at this moment in counting. 

Blue represents Liberal held seats, Labor, red,the Nationals, dark green with Independent orange and Greens, light green.



10.50: Brendan O'Connor holds Gorton for Labor with 69% of the two-party preferred vote

10.12: Deakin. Michael Sukkar retains the seat for the Liberals with 55%.

10.09: Victoria has a uniform swing of 1.7% to Labor

10.09: Tasmania has a uniform swing of 8.8% to Labor.

10.05: Aston. Alan Tudge retains the seat for the Liberals.

9.58: Murray. The National's Damian Drum has won the seat ahead of Liberal candidate Duncan McGauchie. The seat was formerly held by the Liberals' Sharman Stone.

9.55: Maribyrnong. Labor leader Bill Shorten easily retains his West Melbourne seat.

9.54: Lyons. Brian Mitchell wins Lyons for Labor

9.51: Higgins. Kelly O'Dwyer holds Higgins for the Liberals

9.49: Melbourne Ports. Labor's Michael Danby at risk of polling third in his inner city Melbourne seat. His preference flow could be very controversial.

9.43. Barrie Cassidy comments that in Bendigo, Mc Kewen and La Trobe, where the CFA campaigned against Labor, there has been a positive swing to Labor.

9.40: Greens leader Richard DiNatale says there are two Victorian seats on a "knife edge" - Batman, where he says the result is "line ball" and in Port Melbourne, where Michael Danby's preferences are now crucial to determine the outcome.

9.36: Labor retains Wills with Peter Khalil replacing Kelvin Thomson. 

9.35: Wannon. Dan Tehan holds Wannon for the Liberals

9.32: Scullin. Andrew Giles retains the seat for Labor.

9.27: Kevin Andrews retains Menzies for the Liberals with 60%.

9.26: McMillan. Russell Broadbent retains the seat for the Liberals.

9.24: Tasmanian seats Braddon, Bass and Lyons have all been lost by the Liberals and gained by Labor

9.23 Kooyong. The Liberals' Josh Frydenberg returned with 63%.

9.21: Indi. Independent Cathy McGowan returned.

9.19: Batman. 56,000 votes counted. Swing to Alex Bhathal of the Greens of 9.20%  Swing against Labor's David Feeney of 5.69%.

9.17: Corio. Richard Marles holds the Geelong-based seat for Labor.

9.16: Flinders. Greg Hunt retains the seat for the Liberals

9.12: Casey retained by the Liberals.

9.11: Calwell. Labor retains this safe seat

9.09: Braddon. The Liberals look likely to lose Braddon 

9.06: Labor retains Wills

9.01: Bendigo. After 55,000 votes counted, a swing of 1.47% on to Labor's Lisa Chesters.

8.55 Jaga Jaga. Labor's Jenny Macklin returned. 

8.53: Chisholm. A likely Liberal gain after the departure of sitting member Anna Bourke. Labor's Stefanie Perri has had a 3.20% percent swing against her. Looking like a possible win for the Liberals' Julia Banks.   

8.47: Corangamite. 54,000 votes counted. Swing against Libs' Sarah Henderson of 2.35%, but will win on two party preferred. 

8.39: Batman. 49,000 votes counted. Swing to Alex Bhathal of the Greens of 9.23%  Swing against Labor's David Feeney of 5.9%.

8.33: Melbourne. Swing to Greens' Adam Bandt of 1.33% after 40,000 votes counted. Bandt to be returned.

8.26: Indi. After 37,000 votes counted, Independent Cathy McGowan's swing is +1.24%, while Sophie Mirabella's vote is down -16.79% and the Nationals' Marty Corboy is at +17.73%.

8.24: Coalition to hold 78 seats, according to Antony Green, but he is not calling it.

8.23: Melbourne Ports. Greens in second place. Michael Danby's preferences to the Liberals looking very interesting.

8.21. Denison. Andrew Wilkie returned for third term.

8.18 Murray. AEC data shows 48,500 votes counted. The National's Damian Drum is polling 16,682 votes, ahead of Liberal Duncan McGauchie's 13,225.

8.16 Barrie Cassidy calls a hung parliament as likely.

8.13. Corangamite. 35,000 votes counted. Swing against Libs' Sarah Henderson of 2.17%, but tracking for a comfortable win for Henderson with around 53% of the two party preferred vote. 

8.10: Higgins. 26,000 counted. Swing against the Libs' Kelly O'Dwyer of 3.84% Swing to the Greens of +11.35.

8.07: La Trobe. 36,000 votes counted. Swing against the Liberals' Jason Wood of 4.02%

7.50: Batman: 18,000 votes counted. Swing to the Greens of +6.54%  Swing against Labor's David Feeney of 5.13%.

7.46: Liberal member for Lyons, Eric Hutchinson, concedes that the other two Liberal "amigos" in Braddon and Bass in Tasmania are "in trouble" but says there's still along way to go in the Lyons count. He blames a Labor scare campaign for the poor result for Tasmanian Liberals.

7.44: Braddon. Swing to Labor's Justine Keay of 4.9%. The ABC has called it for Labor.

7.40: Higgins. 16,000 counted. Swing against hte Libs' Kelly O'Dwyer of 3.76% Swing to the Greens of +11.28.

7.37: Deakin: Swing narrowing. Now against Labor of 0.57% and to the Libs' Michael Sukkar of 3.37% with 17,000 votes counted.

7.33: Batman. Two party preffered after 8000 votes has Greens at 52% but too early to make a determination.

7.30: Deakin: Small swing against Labor of 0.65%. A swing to the Libs' Michael Sukkar of 3.53% with 16,000 votes counted.

7.27: Chisholm. Liberal (Julia Banks') vote is up by 1.83% after 10,400 votes counted.

7.23: Batman after 3744 votes counted, The Greens have swung up 8.19% and Labor down 5.21%.  

7.22: Tasmania showing overall swing of 4.3% to Labor, with the Libs down 5.4. The Greens up slightly (1.8%)

7.19: Franklin. Labor's Julie Collins strengthens her hold with a swing of over 7%

7.15: Indi. After 7046 votes counted McGowan's swing is improving to 3.07%, while Mirabella's vote is tracking at -18% and the Nationals' Corboy at just under +18%. 

7.12: Indi. After 5700 votes counted, a swing of 2.38% to Cathy McGowan. Liberal Sophie Mirabella's vote is down by 18% and the Nationals' Marty Corboy up by 17%. This makes Indi very interesting to watch as Mirabella's preferences will favour the Nats.

7.06: Bendigo. After 417 votes counted, a small swing of 0.47% on to Labor's Lisa Chesters.

7.04: Braddon, Bass and Lyons looking "promising" for Labor, accordng to Penny Wong on ABC coverage. 

7.02: Chisholm. Swing against Labor of 2.02% after 1015 votes counted

6.55: Lyons. Swing on to Labor of 2.8%

6.55: Braddon. Swing on to Labor of over 5%

6.54: Indi. McGowan's vote swinging up by 2.27% after 2200 votes counted.

6.50: LaTrobe. Swing against Labor's Simon Curtis of 4.7%

6.48: Murray. The National's Damian Drum is polling well ahead of the Libs' Duncan McGauchie, but with only 481 votes counted

6.47: McKewen. After 220 votes counted, Labor's Rob Mitchell up 3.15%

6.40: Corangamite. After 1600 votes counted, swing against Libs of 1.7%. but Henderson well ahead on 2 party pref.

6.38: Lyons large swing of 4.3% against the Libs' Eric Hutchinson

6.25: First results from Indi put Sophie Mirabella ahead, but with only one booth counted.

6.00pm:  There are 37 seats up for grabs in Victoria and five in Tasmania. There are several marginal seats in both states and we'll be watching those with interest through the night.

In Victoria the battleground seats are Corangamite (held by Liberal Sarah Henderson with 3.9%), Dunkley and Deakin, as well as a few others that may prove to be interesting, including Melbourne, Batman, Indi, McKewan and even the Labor seat of Chisholm

In Tasmania, Bass is always interesting as it changes often and tends to swing with changes in Government.