00.37 on advice from the AEC it will take until Tuesday until we know the final election outcome. The outcome in two South Australian seats - Grey and Barker - is critical to the final distribution of seats, while Durack in Western Australia is also a vital seat that will determine Australia's next government.

00.24 PM Turnbull is claiming victory with only 72 seats predicted. Postal votes to be counted on Tuesday. We're in for a wait.

00.23 - Finally!

00.15 We are now election +1 day and no result and still waiting for the PM's reaction to election day.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, for the PM to talk.

23.26 Hindmarsh very, very close still but some polling stations still to be counted

22.27 Anne Aly has recorded a positive swing in WA seat of Cowan, but the final result is expected to go to preferences

22.08 Fremantle in Western Australia won by Labor candidate Josh Wilson

21.36 Seat of HIndmarsh set to return to Labor and Steve Georganas - while Christopher Pyne retains Sturt

21.22 Seat of Solomon in NT has been won by Luke Gosling for the Labor Party - with swing of more than 8%

20.58 In the seat of Perth, Labor are ahead, but in seat of Cowan, Liberal candidate is ahead

20.57 Seat of Hasluck looks to be retained by Ken Wyatt for Liberal Party, as does Canning

20.55 First results from WA coming though - seat of Burt given to Labor

20.44 Rebekah Sharkie's interview on ABC Election coverage after Jamie Briggs' concession is being dominated by Nick Xenophon - what exactly will the approach of NXT be in parliament

20.33 Mark Butler returned in safe seat of Port Adelaide in South Australia - two party preferred margin 70/30

20.31 p.m. Jamie Briggs has conceded defeat in the seat of Mayo of South Australia - but Scott Morrison says don't expect to see the end of his political career.

20.22  SA seat of Boothby retained by Liberal Party - won by incoming member Nicole Flint

20.21  SA seat of Hindmarsh on proverbial 'knife-edge' - will go to preferences

20.12  Western Australian seats becoming much more important with close result elsewhere in the country

20.08: Hindmarsh, SA, early days, swing against the LIB incumbent, Matt Williams.

19.57  South Australian swing to Nick Xenophon Team is significant - Brand matters in politics!

19.55  (CST)  Western Australian results will start coming through shortly

19.52  Christopher Pyne's primary vote in Sturt down, but with preferences, he is still expected to win. 

19.51  Liberal polling in Barker in SA favouring Liberal candidate Tony Pasin

19.50  Nick Xenophon Team candidates performing well as expected in South Australia - looking like Rebekah Sharkie will win seat of Mayo for NXT. 

19.45  Northern Territory seat of Solomon looking like certain ALP win at this stage - very large swing against Country Liberal Party

19.43  Mayo looks in trouble for Jamie Briggs, but Scott Morrison not conceding anything just yet.

The darkest horse in SA is the Nick Xenophon Team - how many senate seats will his team take? Will Labor make gains in WA after many years of losses? And where will NT go? UniPollWatch's live feed will keep you up to date.