11.29pm As the long election campaign becomes the long election night here is the state of play in Queensland with the partially coloured seats most likely to change hands at htis moment in counting. Petrie remains on a knife edge but is expected to be retained. 

Blue represents Coalition held seats, Labor, red and the Bob Katter Party, grey.

10.12pm. Longman. Susan Lamb (ALP) 1.5% ahead of Wyatt Roy (LNP, Innovation Minister).

Petrie. Luke Howarth (LNP) and Jacqui Pedesen (ALP) locked at 50-50. 70.9% counted

Capricornia. Leisa Neaton (ALP) ahead by 0.4% in Capricornia.

Forde. Des Hardman (ALP) ahead by 0.4%. 63.2% counted.

10.10pm. Queensland. 2.6% swing to Labor overall. 

9.34pm. MP seats the ALP are on track to retain. Jim Chalmers (Rankin), Wayne Swan (Lilley), Graham Perrett (Moreton), Milton Dick (Oxley), Shayne Neumann (Blair), Terri Butler (Griffith) 

9.14pm. Fisher. Andrew Wallace has claimed victory. Win for LNP.  First-time MP who replaces Mal Brough.

9.10pm. Here are some in-doubt seats in Qld – Labor ahead in four.

Petrie. Luke Howarth (LNP) fallen behind by 0.3%. 60.6% counted. In doubt.

Forde. Des Hardman (ALP) leading by 0.3%. 59.7% counted. In doubt.

Longman. Susan Lamb leading by 1%. 7.9% swing against Wyatt Roy. 71.6% counted. In doubt. (9% vote for One Nation)

Herbert. Ewen Jones (LNP, sitting member) behind by 0.9%. ALP – Cathy O’Toole ahead. 56% counted. In doubt

And some better news for LNP.

Dickson. Peter Dutton (LNP, Immigration Minister). 5% swing to ALP, but Dutton still ahead. 63.7% counted. ABC says re-elected.

9.03pm. Brisbane. Trevor Evans retains marginal seat for LNP. 56% counted. Small swing to LNP. Evans elected, replaces Theresa Gambaro. 

8.57pm. Longman. Wyatt Roy (LNP, Innovation Minister) suffering 9% swing. 31% counted. That puts him behind Susan Lamb (ALP). High One Nation vote. 

8.54pm. So Labor are ahead in 10 seats (started the night with 6). The LNP leading in 19 (started with 22). Qld has 30 seats. The other seat is Bob Katter’s in Kennedy.

8.34pm. Longman. Susan Lamb (ALP) building 2PP lead over Wyatt Roy (LNP). 24% counted

8.27pm. Hinkler. Keith Pitt polling strongly after 33% of the count. Looks set to be re-elected.

Kennedy. Bob Katter (KAP) also expected to return for another term.

Lilley. Wayne Swan (ALP, former Treasurer) is increasing his margin in his Brisbane seat

8.17pm. Close seats currently held by LNP that are tight – Forde and Petrie. Longman and Dickson also on edge.

8.03pm. Leichhardt (north Qld). Warren Entsch (LNP) well ahead.

Maranoa. An LNP stronghold. David Littleproud polling strongly after 24% of the count.

8.00pm. Griffith. Terri Butler back ahead for ALP.

Groom. John McVeigh (LNP) looks like becoming third-generation politician. Well ahead in seat based around Toowoomba


Forde. ALP still ahead. 24.9% counted now. Bert van Manen (LNP) sitting member.

Herbert. Ewan Jones (LNP) in some trouble. Labor doing well. 24.5% counted. One Nation count high.

Longman. Wyatt Roy (LNP) also nervous. ALP polling well. One Nation up high there too.

Dickson. Peter Dutton (LNP, Immigration) re-elected according to ABC.

Flynn. Ken O'Dowd (LNP) seems safe now too.

7.47pm. Wide Bay. Llew O’Brien (LNP) on track to replace Warren Truss (former deputy PM). 24% of vote counted and ALP’s Lucy Stanton doing well. But it’s a safe LNP seat

7.38pm. Forde. Labor’s Des Hardman taking small lead over sitting MP Bert van Manen. 9.9% counted

7.30pm. Penny Wong (ALP Senator) says swing to ALP of about 5% in Longman. Wyatt Roy holds seat for LNP on margin of 6.9%

7.26pm. Flynn. 15.9% counted. Ken O’Dowd (LNP) first-preference vote down, with 3.1% swing to Labor. But LNP still ahead.

Capricornia. Held by Michelle Landry (LNP). 22.6% counted. LNP ahead by 0.5% on 2PP, but Labor making small gains. ALP need 0.8% swing.

LNP ahead in seat of Brisbane. 16.9% counted

Petrie. Luke Howarth margin increasing slightly after about 20% of vote.

7.19pm. Capricornia. Michelle Landry holding on in Capricornia after 7% of vote.

7.10pm. Petrie. Luke Howarth (LNP) takes early lead with 1.5% of vote counted in Coalition’s most marginal seat.

7.07pm. 61% for LNP’s Ted O’Brien in Fairfax on 2 party preferred. Less than 1% counted though

7.04pm. Lots of people voting for other parties in Qld early. Eg One Nation and Katter’s Australian Party

6.58pm. Antony Green says overall swing in Queensland currently 0.7% to the LNP

6.50pm. Griffith (in Brisbane). 1.6% counted. 7.3% swing to LNP. Very early though

6.38pm. Kennedy. 4.1% counted. Incumbent Bob Katter polling well.

6.16pm. Penny Wong (ALP Senator) – “Queensland is a tough state for Labor, it has been for a long time.”

Scott Morrison (Liberals, Treasurer) “Queensland is a swing state.”

6.11pm: Some seats to watch in Queensland

Petrie – LNP on 0.5% margin

Capricornia – LNP on 0.8%

Brisbane – LNP on 4.3%

6.00pm: As the polls close it’s a good time for a quick Queensland overview. The LNP entered election day holding 22 lower house seats compared with Labor's six. To form government, Labor needs to make big gains in Queensland’s 30 electorates.

The other two Queensland seats have been held by Katter’s Australian Party and the Palmer United Party. Clive Palmer did not stand for Fairfax, leaving the traditionally conservative Sunshine Coast seat waiting for its new member.