Whether you're satisfied with the sweetness of scones and jam, the crispiness of bacon and eggs or eager for a simple snag, the electrolytes in Sydney’s eastern region of Kingsford are ready to keep you (and your tummy) happy on this busy election day.

A trail of smoke from the barbeque runs through the houses of Kingsford and awakens the crowds at 8am sharp. Crowds begin lining up through the gates of Gardeners Road Public School ready to “Vote and smash a few bacon and egg rolls”, as a youthful voter said.

Two blocks down at Maroubra Junction public school crowds are greeted by the Labor federal member Matt Thistlethwaite. “We are confident that we will win, but we are not cocky,” Thistlethwaite said. He won in 2013 on a 2.7% margin.

Liberal campaigners are seen running around making sure they use every sign possible. This creates a sense of excitement amongst the voters and the atmosphere is instantly filled with local warmth and enthusiasm.

Passionate euthanasia campaigners are seen communicating ideas with locals. Campaigner Penny says she’s hoping to “raise awareness and make a change”.

The smile of a young and passionate Labor campaigner, Lachlan Wykes, stands out amongst the crowds. “I am here because I am passionate about our community and putting in my effort to make a difference,” the 18-year-old aspiring politician said. “I believe my efforts just like the other Labor politicians and campaigners will work to make our community better for all.”

As the crowds came and conquered breakfast, locals could be seen in the distance carrying boxes of sweets and Eskies with food down to the local schools. Breakfast and lunch? Sydney’s east is certainly the place to be on election day.

By 12pm the voting line was twisted around the school buildings and filled with many young, first-time voters. “I feel like for the first time I can say that my opinion matters too,” first-time voter Peter said. “Even though my siblings would probably disagree.”

The area is filled with locals hugging, shouting “Ciao Bella!”, “Adios”, “How are you!”. No one is seen to be eager to run home but instead locals are gathered to enjoy the festivities and excitement together.

As for the sausage sizzle, a young man named Yanni said: “It’s good, the sausage is juicy, 8/10, and the onions are beautifully charred, 9/10.” He licks the barbeque sauce from his lips.

The unity, friendliness and sense of community within this region is unique. The kindness and warmth surrounding their celebrations on election day were ones which all individuals should one day experience.