Labor's reign in the seat of Parramatta since 2004 would come to an end if the  door knocking of Liberal candidate Michael Beckwith andh is promise of more jobs is successful.

Beckwith powers up his campaign against Parramatta’s Labor MP Julie Owens, with his successful career in management roles in the construction industry. Michael has also always had an interest in politics.

A former development operations manager at Lend Lease, Beckwith said, “I want to do my bit to keep Australia in safe hands — and by that I mean good economic managers. I wasn’t confident The Greens and Labor are good at doing that.

“In Parramatta, the biggest concern is unemployment and jobs, particularly youth unemployment.”

Beckwith has spent the last few weeks making his face known in public and introducing himself to potential voters. “I am really here to introduce myself, and to try and find out from people what their concerns are. I can’t take people’s votes for granted. They deserve to have a member that makes themselves seen and known.

“If we can get a Liberal member in this federal seat, we will have a Liberal member for federal and state. We will work together seamlessly.” This is in line with what Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been promoting, saying that all the cogs are in place to keep him in power so that all the hard work and systems can pay off for the benefit of the country.

Beckwith has lived in the area for 36 years. He banks on this record to understand the needs of the people at the grassroots level. He says that public transport is equally important to his electorate which will receive the rail link between Parramatta and the new airport being developed at Badgerys Creek.

Beckwith is repeating what New South Wales premier, Mike Baird said in late December 2015; when the education department moved out of Sydney into Parramatta that; "The relocation of these 1800 jobs will provide another massive boost to the western Sydney economy and further cement Parramatta's position as Sydney's second CBD.”

He says that children today have the right tools in place to succeed and to create an economy that is set in place to make sure the children in generations to come have a successful job.

Beckwith was recently at Westfield Parramatta sharing these ideas with locals and asking them to support him via his Facebook page and to vote for him.

Some key issues that arise from bringing more jobs to Parramatta include traffic congestion, poor living and lifestyle conditions and the pressure on infrastructure.

A report for the Parramatta area on travelling to the city for work stated; "We're reducing productivity by having so many people in motion each day just to get to their desks to start their day.”

Western Sydney director of the Sydney Business Chamber David Borger said, "The challenge for Western Sydney is there are 300,000 people every day who leave their area to get to work, so creating jobs close to home really does make sense.”

Beckwith also supports the creation of the nation's first high school specialising in science, technology, engineering and math for Parramatta. This will be in line with requiring jobs for the future that will be built around technology.

The University of Wollongong is expanding to Western Sydney, joining the expanding Western Sydney University. Such expansions are first steps to improving education in the Parramatta region.

Beckwith said “We have a high level of unemployment so we have a long way to go. I want to be their (Parramatta’s) representative and champion their causes. I’ve worked for big companies so I know how to get on with the job and get things done.”'