Just what is a vote and how does it work?

Australia has compulsory voting but for many first time voters our voting system can be confusing. That confusion is likely to be worse with the new voting system for the senate. David A. Trescuri looked into it and offers this summary for beginners.

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What is a ‘Double Dissolution’?

A double dissolution is the disbanding of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Basically every Parliamentary seat is up for election, while in a normal election only half the Senate seats are up for grabs. A double dissolution is intended to resolve a stalemate over legislation. It is thought that an election will help re-jig the Houses and Senate so that agreement can be achieved – to pass or not pass the proposed law. 

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Who chooses who gets to run as a candidate?

Matthew Dower outlines the hoops you have to jump through to get preselected to run for the ALP, The Greens and the Liberal Party.  Find out more, download the PDF


Why is voting compulsory in Australia?

Marion Print looked into the vexed issue of why we have to give up a few minutes or hours in a queue on a Saturday to fill in a ballot. Why is the AEC so bossy? Find out more, download the pdf.



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