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May 08, 2016 UWA Reporters
Beachside 'burbs. Pic by K.Davies
Sitting Member:
Goodenough, I (LP)
Size of electorate:
90 sq. Km

Sitting Member

Ian Goodenough was previously a Councillor, in the local government of the City of Wanneroo

Key Comments

Moore is a safe Liberal seat (61.86% to 38.14%, two-party preferred). The Cities of Wanneroo and Joondalup fall within the boundaries; both are fast growing. Local issues include: funding for Edith Cowan University; freeway redevelopment; broadband access; the Joondalup hospital expansion; development of Neerabup Industrial Area; and waste collection.

Electorate Profile

Water defines the federal electorate of Moore, from North Beach in the south to Burns Beach in the north, with Lakes Joondalup, Woodvale and Goollelal at its eastern flank.

The City of Joondalup dominates the division, with a parcel of the City of Wanneroo overlapping the eastern boundary.

These are home to Perth’s fast-growing northern suburbs, the corridor-style development of the region supported by both the Mitchell Freeway and Currambine railway line.

Recent statistics show 55.1 per cent of the population in the Moore electorate were Australian-born, with a substantial minority migrants from overseas, mostly from England (17 per cent), South Africa (3.8 per cent) and New Zealand (3.3 per cent).

Liberal MHR Ian Goodenough is among them, his family having moved from Singapore in 1984, when he was aged nine.

An accountant and city councillor before his election in 2013, Goodenough highlighted employment in his maiden speech to parliament, in a region where 60 per cent of residents commute to work.

“Employment self-sufficiency remains a major issue in the electorate, as daily commuter traffic congests arterial roads,” he said.

“To alleviate the situation, it is vital to progress the Neerabup industrial area. By cutting the red tape which has delayed the project, timely planning and environmental approvals will deliver up to 20,000 new jobs.

“In addition, development projects in central Joondalup and at the Ocean Reef Marina will boost commercial activity. The coalition has a plan for creating 2 million new jobs nationally, and the electorate of Moore stands ready to deliver its share of this target.”

Goodenough also highlighted his Christian faith in the speech, swearing the oath as MP on a Bible given to him by his grandmother before he migrated.

He also thanked state counterparts including former Liberal state minister Rob Johnson MLA, environment minister Albert Jacob MLA, and MLC Peter Katsambanis.

These themes combined recently when Johnson faced a pre-selection challenge in his state seat of Hillarys.

He blamed evangelical Christians for his plight, naming Goodenough for supporting Katsambanis’ candidacy to switch from the WA upper to lower house.

"Ian Goodenough has signed up people from a religious sect in Quinns Rock and stuck them in my Padbury branch which is about 25 miles away,” he told the ABC earlier this year.

The controversy, however, is unlikely to trouble Goodenough, who counts WA Senators and Cabinet ministers Michaelia Cash and Mathias Cormann among his political mentors.

The Moore MHR polled 53.08 per cent of the primary vote in 2013, beating Labor’s Jason Lawrance by 61.86 per cent to 38.14 per cent on a two-party preferred basis.

That compares with 61.19 per cent to 38.81 per cent at the 2010 poll.

Of the other candidates, only the Greens managed to lay a glove, with a 13.57 share in 2010 dropping to 9.95 per cent in 2013.

Moore is also home to Edith Cowan University’s northern campus at Joondalup, the WA Police Academy and the Joondalup Health Campus.

The campus is the biggest sub-tertiary hospital in Western Australia, including the state's busiest emergency department, a private hospital wing and clinical training school.

Development projects driving jobs growth include the Meridian Park Enterprise Zone within the Neerabup Industrial Area, for which lots are on offer from 1535sqm to 1ha, at prices starting at $182/sqm, with potential to occupy in May next year.

The whole electorate sits in a zone between 15km and 30km north of Perth CBD, with a median house price in the high $500,000 range, making it attractive to young families.

Population growth in Joondalup is down from the dizzy heights of 1.66 per cent in 2012, currently rated at 0.14 per cent, but the long-term forecast is for 0.44 per cent per annum over the next 20 years.

Extension of the freeway is going ahead until the middle of next year, with an additional 6km at the northern edge of the electorate to be built at a cost of $261.4 million - $209.1 million furnished by a federal grant.

Wanneroo City mayor Tracey Roberts, another of Goodenough’s mentors, is a leading figure in the nationwide campaign Fund Our Future, which is lobbying for resources for outer suburban areas.

“Too often our residents are forced to travel up to two hours each way just to get to their job–burdening them with high fuel costs, stress from sitting in traffic, and time away from friends and family,” she said at the campaign launch this month (April).

“If a significant investment is not made, we risk dividing cities along social and economic lines: those in the inner city who have good access to transport, jobs and health facilities – and those in the fast-growing outer suburbs who do not.”

Watch this space.

2013 Election Results

Candidate Party Votes % Swing(%)
LAWRANCE, Jason Daniel Australian Labor Party 22324 26.01 -0.36
MORRIS, Gary John Palmer United Party 5745 6.69 +6.69
HOST, Rex Australian Christians 1602 1.87 +1.87
LLOYD, Louahna Janet Kiona The Greens (WA) 8539 9.95 -3.62
PRITCHETT, Mary Patricia Rise Up Australia Party 738 0.86 +0.86
CATALANO, Josh Australian Sports Party 1324 1.54 +1.54
GOODENOUGH, IanElected Liberal 45562 53.08 -1.08
...... One Nation 0 0 -1.79
...... Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) 0 0 -2.19
...... Family First Party 0 0 -1.91


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