Employment a key issue

May 15, 2016 Jemima May
Adelaide. Source SA Cafes
Sitting Member:
Ellis, K (ALP)
Size of electorate:
76 sq. Km

Key Comments

The division of Adelaide extends from Grand Junction Road in the north to Cross Road in the south. Suburbs include Ashford, Clarence Park and North Adelaide, as well the central business district. It also includes the cricket/football stadium, hospitals, markets, military barracks, universities, a brewery and a soft-drink bottler.

Electorate Profile

The seat of Adelaide was created in 1903 and first held by the former South Australian Premier Charles Kingston. Since Kingston’s death the seat has been held by Labor for 77 of its 108 years.

Labor lost the seat for two years in 1988 after a by-election. The Liberals's Trish Worth was a popular local member betwen 1993 and 2004, when Labor’s Kate Ellis was elected. Ellis has increased her margin, and is currently sitting on 3.9%. 

There are several key issues affecting the Adelaide metropolitan area  – and the state. The first is the construction of the Royal Australian Navy’s submarine fleet. Adelaide has been chosen as the location to build 12 submarines to replace the existing Collins class vessels. The project, won by a French contractor, will cost billions of dollars but generate considerable employment. 

South Australia has the highest unemployment rate in the country, with many key sectors, such as the car industry, mining, and general manufacturing, reducing their workforces by thousands. Voters in Adelaide, and across the state, will be looking to see which party has the policies and initiatives to stimulate mass jobs growth.

Another issue for Adelaide is the road and rail projects that both major parties are promising to help fund. Many voters are asking for an expansion of the tram network, more funding for the north-south corridor and other rail/road projects, such as the Gawler train line and Strzelecki track in the state’s north-east. It is believed that if either party can offer major funding for these projects, it could help to secure the seat.

The health sector will also be a key focus. Both major parties are making promises to grow and support the medical research industry, particular cancer research and treatments.




2013 Election Results

Candidate Party Votes % Swing(%)
LAZAROU, Liah Socialist Alliance 980 1.07 +0.18
ELLIS, KateElected Australian Labor Party 38650 42.26 -1.52
SCALI, Vincent Palmer United Party 1943 2.12 +2.12
GARCIA, Carmen Liberal 38463 42.06 +4.31
LEE, Peter Family First 2169 2.37 +0.18
BEACH, Ruth Australian Greens 9251 10.12 -3.5
...... Australian Democrats 0 0 -0.94
...... ON 0 0 -0.01
...... Liberal Democratic Party 0 0 -0.82


Jemima May

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