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Kurk Pudniks

Technology and Renewables Key to Growth

May 26, 2016Chloe Tomason, Katherine Moore
Far north Queensland Greens Candidate, Kurt Pudniks. Photo courtesty of Green Party website

Candidate Snapshot

Party: GRN
Electorate: Leichhardt
First Stood in this Electorate: 2016

Pudniks's aim is to close the gap between the diverse Far North Queensland communities from Cairns to Papua New Guinea (PNG), through small business growth, green economy and youth development.

A self-confessed technology enthusiast, Leichardt’s Greens candidate, Kurt Pudniks is committed to ensuring future generations have the same opportunities he had growing up in far north Queensland.

For Pudniks, a world class NBN is vital in providing better services to remote communities of Cape York and Torres Strait; And developing services, such as education, and exports based on information communication technology.

Top of his wish list is a clean green economy to provide sustainable and resilient economic development, in which innovative small businesses can up-skill and retain local young people.  He says, “A clean green economy can provide sustainable and resilient economic development, in which innovative small businesses can both up-skill and retain local young people”.  

Pudniks wants Far North Queensland to transition to a clean economy through the Greens’ Renew Australia plan.  The plan includes innovative local projects such as the solar thermal plant planned for Lakeland Downs, the solar-hydro project at Kidston, optimising biomass power generation from sugar mills and creating neighbourhood generating clusters of roof-top photovoltaic systems.

“My passion is to nurture and retain young skilled workers to develop clean and job-rich local industries. I want future generations to have the economic opportunities and lush environment I had growing up in Cairns” he said.

As a Cairns local, Kurt Pudniks grew up in the tropical suburb of Brinsmead, West of Cairns. He graduated high school in the top 1% of the country from Saint Augustine’s in 1999, and was awarded a scholarship to study at ANU. Graduating with honours from ANU in systems engineering, physics and computational science.

Today, he works in Cairns as systems engineer and company director. He feels that with better technological infrastructure and digital literacy opportunities for the electorate, will provides a more transparent approach to federal politics.

Pudniks convened the first Cairns’ GovHack. Part of a nation-wide event exploring new ways to use technology and ICT to encouraging open government and open data. GovHackFNQ was for Pudniks, a new way of “putting a new spin on public data, making it available for innovation”, he said. He adds, that one example saw  “one of the councils made all of their wastewater information available”.

As well as technology and renewables, Pudnicks believes we must protect local industries by protectingthe Great Barrier Reef, coastal wetlands and the natural assets of the World Heritage Wet Tropics—including the valuable spectacled flying fox population—of which people are the custodians.

He also supports the Greens belief that the current policy for processing asylum seekers needs to be reformed.  He says, “Only the Greens have the courage to create a fair and efficient system that brings people here safely, so refugees can be given an opportunity to contribute to our wonderful nation.”

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